Jack-M. Marshall - Facharzt für Anaesthesie, Hypnosearzt

Ärztlich geführte Hypnosepraxis


You are searching for a cure for your illness and your search has lead you to my website. Conventional medical treatment hasn’t helped you. However, I may be able to assist with your problem.

Hypnosis is a both a confidential and a personal matter. That’s why you should take great care in choosing whom you would like to confide in. Due to my medical and hypnotherapeutical training I am a competent physician in the area of hypnosis. Put an end to your problems and contact me.

Do you need help?

I would like to address all those

  • whose treatment options are exhausted
  • who have not responded to conventional medical treatment
  • who are looking for or prefer alternatives
  • who suffer from illnesses which are regarded as incurable
  • who want to use my positive energy and are determined to convert it with my assistance
  • who have questions about their own past
  • who have been dealing with their own reincarnation and want to go further in this matter
  • who are in mourning after the loss of a close or beloved one and wish to come to terms with it
  • who want to realise their own ideas and goals under hypnosis (if achievable)