Jack-M. Marshall - Facharzt für Anaesthesie, Hypnosearzt

Ärztlich geführte Hypnosepraxis

The process of the hypnosis

About the hypnosis

Hypnosis – this word or concept has been defined by many through various ideas, many uncertainties and some “experiences” from TV programmes. Hypnosis is the subject in many rounds of discussions, everyone has an opinion about it and the media report on it.

I would like to inform you …

... that hypnosis (particularly healing hypnosis) operates differently to how most people imagine. Unfortunately, hypnosis has been cast in a negative light in TV-programmes depicting “show hypnosis” and subsequently people have developed a false perception, fear or apprehension. This does not come as a surprise as these shows present a subject who under hypnosis does all kinds of funny things and on the opposite side is an amused audience.

Only people who can be easily hypnotised are chosen for these shows. A normal person, however, presents a problem for the showmaster as too much time would be required to perform the hypnosis act: the performance would drag on or even fail, but such a show is not the actual purpose of hypnosis that can really help patients.

In my hypnosis session, I do not wish to embarrass anyone. There is neither an audience nor a show. I do not wish to get too close to a patient, to extract secrets or to exert an influence that is not wanted by them.

As a patient you approach me with a request, and through my hypnosis I undertake only that which has been agreed with you and which is the reason for you coming to me. It is you, the patient, who determines the course of the treatment. After the session some patients are surprised to find they can remember everything or at least the most important passages.

Following the hypnosis the patient awakes relaxed and often overwhelmed how pleasant the experience was and how the time lapse under hypnosis felt, filled with thoughts that he or she has never experienced before. Following the session I remain with you so the new experience which often comes as a surprise and the result can be discussed and explained.

You are allowed sufficient time to return to the present. Only then can a treatment be successful, pleasant and stress-free.

For forensic reasons each hypnosis treatment is recorded and stored on a harddisk. This disk remains in my possession and is not accessible to a third party. As a matter of course your written consent is required if excerpts of a session are to be passed on to other persons for professional reasons.

You needn’t be frightened or shy. All you need is to trust in me, trust that can be developed from the very first conversation and then deepened. The treatment does not work without trust and this trust has to develop from both sides. However: You must have the courage to take the first step. I am there for you …