Jack-M. Marshall - Facharzt für Anaesthesie, Hypnosearzt

Ärztlich geführte Hypnosepraxis

Hypnosis – my definition

Hypnosis is an extraordinary condition of the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is extremely active and capable of enormous performance which under hypnosis becomes apparent. This performance cannot be reached in a conscious condition. At the same time hypnosis results in a complete reduction of the ability to be critical, an important factor in achieving therapeutical success. In a clear conscious condition this cannot occur.

The hypnotised person gives the impression of being in a deep sleep, but this is deceptive. Once spoken to, the hypnotised person displays a cascade of performances which impress particularly through an exceptionally high memory performance facilitating a phenomenal recollection of events in the last few decades.

To me, hypnosis is an art of suggestive medicine. I suggest to the patient under hypnosis quite deliberately that his situation or his feelings are going to change positively, his illness will disappear or will decrease in intensity. My task as a therapist is to find and activate the trigger that brings about a change of state. The result is initially a subjective assessment followed by an objective assessment that a change has taken place.