Jack-M. Marshall - Facharzt für Anaesthesie, Hypnosearzt

Ärztlich geführte Hypnosepraxis

Hypnosis: my conviction

Sometimes I am surprised myself, what is possible and how quickly something can change – under hypnosis.

More and more patients turn to me, because they want their illness or unpleasant condition cured, influenced, terminated or at least reduced. Often they do not know how to proceed or if it is at all possible to find a cure.

But I am also aware that many people who suffer from an ailment do not want to use hypnosis, but prefer to choose a lengthy treatment with possible side effects. They are even prepared to take this risk even though they know there is no risk in hypnosis treatment.

Every time a cure under hypnosis is successful, I am impressed by the speed and extent of the success.