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Fate-induced illnesses

"Fate-induced illnesses"
What does it mean?

The term “fate-induced illness” contains the words „fate“ and „illness”. Everybody knows the meaning of the last word. One distinguishes between “well” and “unwell” whereby illnesses can have different levels. But what exactly does “fate” mean? People associate this word with different meanings. ”Fate” is often seen as a force that has a great effect on one’s life. All too often a certain finality is expressed, we use the unalterable word “fateful”.

Through my training as a hypnotherapist, through reading of specialist literature and also through my work with patients, my personal view of the term “fate” has been fundamentally changed and influenced. In my view it has a profoundness that we often do not fully realise. “Fate” to me is destiny that one cannot escape. I have learnt and made the experience that nothing happens coincidentally! Therefore illnesses do not happen just suddenly. They often follow a prolonged and consequent road to recovery.

Often they are caused by careless lifestyles, e.g. by smoking, alcohol, drugs, environmental and industrial toxins, exposure to radiation, but also by stress and a lack of sufficient rest periods.

Other illnesses however are genetical. They can also occur as a result of an accident (such as traffic accident), this can be seen as the “fate” of the individual.

But it is also possible that the subconscious mind is responsible for an illness which then becomes fate. This is beyond self-conscious control. This illness can – in my view – mutate to “fate” and this often results in a feeling of helpnessness, even powerlessness, in this instance the individual feels totally at the mercy of events.

The search for solutions is different with every individual. Many consult a homeopath or a healer. Only a few know that hypnotherapy offers a chance to cure even serious illnesses, to correct and to influence the seemingly unavoidable, to break fresh grounds. By using hypnosis it is possible to reappraise past stressful events, cure illnesses as well as influence in a positive way conditions and feelings. One can talk about “redirecting fate”.

I think about fate differently to many other people. That’s why I would like to invite you to exchange ideas with me in order to gain an alternative perception and to understand your present situation better. I do not wish to convince you with my words, I would like to invite you to experience the alternative yourself.